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It's important to understand the differences of who you choose: 
I'm on a larger company's schedule, but it's too far out.

Companies should respect your time. Larger companies take on more projects than they can handle, causing employees to turn over at a rapid rate.

That's why there's always a new employee "here to watch" at the consult or the project itself.

Home Huggers is small and can get you on the schedule right away with specialized and experienced teams for each project type.

My spouse and their friends said they'd do it.

Hiring a novice may only cost you a pack of Coors Light, but countless trips to buy fully priced materials with no  completion date makes things much more complicated.

Home Huggers has been doing projects for years, and has access to bulk pricing for materials, follows timelines, and makes sure you get what you want.

Everything looks ok to me, and I don't know what needs fixing.

Home Huggers provides personal care and doesn't have to cut corners to meet a quota set by their company.

Home Huggers can promptly come and assess your property and help you build your dreams. It's a free consultation and available now.

What about that guy who stopped by after the storm?

These guys are professional "storm chasers" and do this everytime a weather phonomenan hits. They leave as soon as the job is done, and it's impossible to find them again for questions and repairs.

WIth Home Huggers, you get the best project outcomes, and we are here for you far beyond project completion.

I'm having problems with insurance.

Insurance companies work for us. Our management understands insurance claims and acts on the behalf of our customers.  Insurance companies know us by name because we have been successfully advocating for our customers for a long time.

With Home Huggers you will get the most benefit out of any insurance claim.

No hablo ingles.

No te preocupes. Raúl habla español y se preocupa especialmente por el éxito de los latinos en cada proyecto.

We show you and your home that you're not just a project, we care.



Masonry & Hardscaping

Residential & commercial

We are punctual with quality work, fair pricing, excellent customer feedback, and the best guarantees in the industry.

If your have a home repair need. What are you waiting for? 


Our specialties include:​
  • superior roofing craftsmanship
  • exterior repairs
  • masonry (bricks)
  • hardscaping (pavers and patios)
  • window & skylight installation
  • repairs
  • gutters
  • driveway repairs
  • water intrusion solutions
  • interior renovation
  • storm damage
  • snow & ice removal


In addition to the hundreds of residences we serve, we have commercial clients too.
Whether you're a homeowner or a business, contact us to get on our schedule


Quality Construction Services

Discover quality construction services at Home Huggers. We guarantee top-notch work for residential and commercial projects, covering roofing, exterior repairs, skylight installation, windows, gutters, driveway work, water intrusion solutions, interior renovations, storm damage repairs, and snow & ice removal.

Our Pillars

Founded in 2008, Home Huggers is a licensed, bonded,and insured company with over 80 years of combined experience built on three pillars: Experience, Quality, and Responsibility. Our commitment is to build lasting relationships by treating your property as if it were our own.

Contact Us for a solution

Contact Home Huggers for personalized solutions. We believe in building relationships, and when you reach out, we'll schedule an appointment, assess your needs, consult insurance on your behalf, provide solutions, and ensure fair pricing. Trust us to care for your property like it's our own.




For any inquiries or questions, please call:

Tom Kurysh at (612) 207-3092, or

Raul Moreno at (612) 483-6215,

 or fill out the form below.

Contact Us

We look forward to caring for your home

Head Office

2284 Standridge Ave E, St Paul, MN 55109

Home Huggers has 15 years of happy customers.
As seasons shift, some our specialties change. Get us on your schedule today. We are punctual with quality work, fair pricing, excellent customer feedback, and the best guarantees in the industry.

You have a home repair need. What are you waiting for? 

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