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What is a Roof?

A roof is what covers the uppermost part of a structure, such as a home or place of business. A roof is the protective barrier between the structure and its contents, and the harmful effects of weather. In most parts of the world, a roof’s primary function is protection against rain. In Minnesota however, it also protects against summer heat, frigid cold, as well as the presence of snow and wind throughout the winter months.

What is the Primary Function of a Roof?

The primary function of most roofs is to keep water out of the interior of the structure. The water repelled by the roof is directed toward the ground via it’s slope.

What Are Some of the Different Styles of Roofing in MN?:

Built up
Flat Roofs:
Rubber Membrane

Asphalt Shingles

- This is the most common type of residential roofing. Installation can be tailored to GAF requirements as well as to your preference’s, wherein they abide by city statutes and coding.

25 Year Shingles – 3Tab
30 Year Shingles – Architectural
50 Year Shingles – Architectural

Metal Sheet Roofing

- Is a durable choice for areas prone to heavy snow falls. The principal reason lies in the smooth surfaces which allow snow to slide off with more ease than standard roofing systems such as asphalt; which prevents heavy build up. They are also more resistant to heavy winds than their industry counter parts.

Cedar Shakes

- Are commonly chosen for their aesthetic curb appeal. The Benefits of having cedar shakes on your roof extend to the fantastic thermal insulation properties they possess. Additionally, cedar contains natural preservatives which are resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage.


Acquiring your new Siding System is as easy as counting to five:

Step 1: Schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

A Home Huggers Representative will meet with you to find out what your goals are and to discuss what type of siding best fits your household’s needs.

Fiber Cement Siding

- Fiber Cement Siding such as Hardie, has a durable, elegant curb appeal.

Insulated Vinyl

- Vinyl Siding when insulated is both effective & Cost Efficient.

Vinyl Shake

- Vinyl Shake is an esthetically appealing method used to enhance standard vinyl siding.

Steel or Aluminum

- Steel siding is more durable than aluminum; both have sheet metal styling.

Cedar Shakes

- Cedar Shake Siding is commonly chosen for its aesthetic curb appeal. Cedar has fantastic thermal insulation properties. Cedar also contains natural preservatives which are resistant to moisture, decay, and insect damage.

Step 2: Select a date for your new siding installation.

Step 3: Relax and observe as your home transforms itself.

Gutter Installation Minneapolis – 612-483-6215 –Gutter Repair St. Paul - Serving the Greater Twin Cities Area
Home Huggers makes gutters on site, so they fit your home.

Home Huggers offers professional-strength aluminum siding for residential installation. Our sturdy, quality siding products are built to withstand the strongest of storms and harsh weather conditions. Call now to inquire about color palettes or free estimates.

    ◦Custom Made Seamless Gutters

    ◦5" & 6" Gutter Size Available

    ◦35 Colors Available


    ◦Snow & Ice Removal

Gutters can help you eliminate water

erosion in the following areas:

Gutters also help keep water away

from your house for drier basements

and eliminate ice problems in:

    ◦Flower beds

    ◦Newly sodded or seeded areas







    ◦Decks or patio areas


Home Huggers installs beautiful, low maintenance windows that are also energy efficient windows.

Home Huggers provides you with numerous quality options for windows and glass. There are a variety of choices to fit your budget and specific needs. Windows all are easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, require little maintenance and offer strong and reliable security for your home. Also, they are installed by factory-trained installers without disturbing the inside or outside moldings.

Window styles:

Glass options:

    ◦Vertically operating windows

    ◦Horizontally operating windows

    ◦Projecting windows

    ◦Bow and bay systems

    ◦Patio doors

    ◦Storm doors and windows

    ◦Porch and patio enclosures

    ◦Simple insulated glass

    ◦Keepsake glass for security and noise reduction

    ◦Low energy/Argon insulated

    ◦Triple pane with Kripton glass